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  Residential- The primary need for a backflow prevention is the irrigation system. Irrigation systems are considered HIGH Hazard due to the exposure to pesticides, fertilizers and other contaminants.

  • There are different types of backflow prevention assemblies and they each have a specific installation and application requirement.
  • Not all irrigation contractors are licensed and/or properly trained to test/repair or install backflow prevention assemblies.
  • Call 804-366-2094 to schedule a test/inspection to determine if your backflow preventer is in compliance with your local Water Authority.

  Commercial/Industrial- Commercial properties can be quite complex and require a management program consisting of detailed record keeping that support annual inspection/testing to ensure that the potable water supply is protected.

  • BSI can provide the necessary services to keep your property in compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) and ensure that you maintain compliance with your local Water Authority Having Jurisdiction.
  • By maintaining a cross connection control program you reduce your exposure in case there is ever a backflow incident.
  • Send a message that you are a responsible property manager/owner and that you are doing your part in protecting the drinking water supply.